Advantages of Using a Cook Realtor.

Role Players…

Cook Realty experience.  Strength of character is the foundation of commitment. Serving Sacramento over 30 years, we’ve helped many thousands realize the dream of home ownership and financial security.The job’s not over till the paperwork’s done. Today’s real estate contract can include up to 36 pages. That does not include dozens of important disclosure related documents. Do all real estate companies school their agents in the necessity of these documents and what they mean to you? The answer is “No.” We do.

It’s elementary.
You would presume all home buyers would conduct a professional home inspection before completing their purchase. Not so. Cook Realty, however, has been an industry leader in making the home inspection an essential part of buying a home today.

Apples and oranges. Cook Realty professionals do not originate or process loans. A working Realtor cannot be adequately informed of all the loan products available today. Worse, it may be a conflict of interest compromising your real needs.

Technology, “schmecnology.” Sure, technology is vital in real estate today. Cook Realty employs innovative state-of-the-art services. We also know helping people is more than just technical expertise. Compassion, integrity, accountability, and personal responsibility are values we’ve learned are non-negotiable.

On the road…again. Cook Realty professionals meet weekly to discuss and tour the latest homes for sale. It’s hard to believe, but most companies do not keep up on available new listings by touring. We do, always have, and it provides you with an advantage.

We’re listening. More than just an element of financial security, this purchase is part of your future. How many bedrooms do you want? Swimming pool or lots of trees? Land Park or the suburbs? You’re not buying a house, you’re investing in a home. We’re here to make it happen. It’s the Cook Realty advantage!