FAQs about Exams

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Q: Where are Salesperson examinations administered?

Examination scheduling is based on the volume of applications received by the DRE. Examination availability is subject to the seating capacity of the facility and the demand for that site.

Examinations are generally administered as needed in the following areas:
San Diego
Los Angeles

NOTE: Examination locations within an area may vary. Requests for specific locations within the chosen area cannot be granted. However, you may use the eLicensing online system to select a specific exam date and site.

Q: Where can I see the schedule of state examinations?

See current exam schedule.

Q: How do I check my scheduled state exam date, time, and location?

See California Department of Real Estate: eLicensing Examination Services.

Q: What happens once I pass the Salesperson examination?

Once you pass the examination, a packet including a Broker License
Application (RE 200) will be sent to you. Within one year of the date
you pass the broker examination, you must apply for your broker
license by submitting the following:

• Application—Broker License Application (RE 200). Be sure to
read all instructions and information before completing the
application. Your Social Security number must be included. No
changes of any kind can be made to an application once it has
been received by the DRE.

• Applicable Fee — See Section VII Fees. Acceptable methods
of payment include checks or money orders made payable to
the Department of Real Estate, or credit cards.

• Fingerprints — All license applicants are required to submit
a completed Live Scan Request (RE 237). Applicants residing
outside of California may instead submit a set of fingerprints
in ink on an FBI Applicant Fingerprint Card (FD-258 Rev. 5/99).
See Section VIII Fingerprint Requirement.

• Proof of Legal Presence — Documentation such as a birth
certificate, resident alien card, etc., must be submitted with a
completed State Public Benefits Statement (RE 205). Legible
photocopies are acceptable. This step is not required if this
information was previously submitted for a salesperson
license. (See Section XIV (B) Proof of Legal Presence for further

• Out-of-State Applicants —If you do not reside in California,
you must also submit a completed and notarized irrevocable
Consent to Service of Process (RE 234) and an Out-of-State
Broker Acknowledgment (RE 235), if applicable. See Section X
Out-of-State Applicants for further information.

Mail to:
Department of Real Estate
Licensing Section
P.O. Box 137002
Sacramento, CA 95813-7002

Q: I have more questions. Where can I get more answers ?

The Department of Real Estate has developed an excellent printable comprehensive guide “Instructions To License Applicants” and “How To Obtain and Maintain a California Real Estate Salesperson License”.  Click here for answers.